About us

What are the values of Light Company?


•    Intentionality- Living out the purpose for which we have been created.

•    Hospitality- Treating others as equals by creating a place for them to feel welcomed, honored, protected, and cared for.

•    Authenticity- Expressing our brokenness in light of the beauty of God’s grace and mercy.

•    Relationships- God has created humanity to be in relationships. We are not created for isolation nor to live alone in our faith.

•    Transformation- What the Holy Spirit does in us when our lives are surrendered in every part to the Gospel.


How do we do worship and community?


•    Worship Bi-monthly on MPCC South Campus

•    Small Groups Bi-monthly in homes or on campus


How do we do disciple-making?


Disciple-making Pathway

•    Engage- Invest and invite others to join you on your walk with Jesus.

•    Equip- Inform someone what the essentials of faith are.

•    Empower- Initiate ownership in your faith.

•    Encourage- Coach someone in their faith journey with others.